About Abbi

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I describe myself as a pleasure activist. But what does that mean?

Well, in simple terms, what it mean is that I try myself and enourage the people I play with to be less goal orientated and more pleasure orientated.

Humans take the longest time to reach sexual maturity of any species on earth. I don’t believe that we ever attain the status of ‘finished product’. We are nuanced creatures of varied tastes. We develop and hone some indulgences, we outgrow and leave others behind.

We are ever evolving entities of pleasure and adventure.

I’m here to share in your journey of discovery and delight, with all it’s twists and turns.

I choose to embrace and savour pleasure wherever it’s found. I hope you like to too.

You’ll find me 100% engaged in you, right now, just as you are; my open heart welcoming you to explore, enjoy and be yourself.


“This is not your average GFE. This is the care, attention and dedication of a saint…”

I specialise is touch. Touch with hands, toys, objects, mouth, body and breath. Touch can enliven and touch can soothe. Touch wakes up your ‘feeling body’, helps quiet your ‘thinking mind’. This allows you to follow your body’s integrity and your truth to unfold.

I’m learning about breath. – No I don’t know everything about sex, but I’m trying to do so! Breath is some powerful medicine by itself, and coupled with sex it is proving to be transformative.

“…you have magic hands”

What’s important to me?



Ahh, sex. Yes – I’m quite the fan!

Sex was on my mind from a young age. And I do love sex. I like it all different ways with all different people. I enjoy exploring people without concern for gender, body shape, sexual orientation or race, I love them all.

But it hasn’t always come naturally. And hasn’t always been easy for me. Sex can be really confusing. Sometimes it felt as if everyone else in the world must be having the most amazing sex, but me. It took the certain combination of the right caring people in my life, and the drive to say ‘I want things to be different’ – and mean it – to make the change.

I’ve discovered that sex is healing, sex is fun, sex is an adventure, sex is different every single time… sex is so many things. Sex is my work, my study and my conversation over wine.

Sex is a keystone to who I am and I’m delighted to honour it with a central role in my world.



We all need connection. Connection to lovers or partners, to family, to friends, to colleagues and peers. We often expect a lot from our network, and they a lot from us. And sometimes our needs can go beyond what our network can provide.

I can help.

I seek genuine connection in every encounter and have a high esteem for people.

I am here to serve, to teach, to support and to connect, where I can, in the way you need.

Holding space  


For me, holding space means walking alongside another person on their journey.

You will find me with an open heart offering support without judgement.

You can expect to find a container where complex emotions can safely surface, where failure is never met with judgement or shame, where you have permission to follow your own intuition and where you are thoughtfully guided within the limits of your individual needs.

 Holding space is a life-long practice that brings me immense joy and satisfaction.


Welcome to my world


My Stats  


I like to beleive that it is my skills that will please you the most, but since we live in a visual orientated world here are my stats:

I have a strong, athletic figure, a rapturous smile with a really rocking behind.

Height: 162cm

Bust: 32 C

Dress: 10

Eyes: Grey / Green

Hair: Blonde / Curly

SWA 10059XE