I like to be on time. I like people who do likewise.


Boundaries will be discussed prior to your booking – yours and mine.

My duty of care for you requires that I have absolute and unquestionable respect for your boundaries. My duty of care for myself requires the same. Violations will not be tolerated.

Health & Hygiene

Being clean is sexy. We can have a shower together or you can shower alone.

I will carry out a routine health check of your genitals before we get down to business.

You can, and should, request regular testing for STIs from your GP or sexual health care provider as an ongoing part of your own self care.  You should do so immediately if you have any discomfort in your genitals or pelvic region, or where you beleive safer sex protocols have been breached, yours or your other partner/s.

Please do not be afraid to address concerns you have with me. I will be happy to provide information, advice or referral where I can.