Anal Play

Anal play is my favourite thing. I love leading you / following you on an adventure deep inside your body.

This kind of play can take many forms, as seasoned players will know.

Let me describe some of these for the curious out there. Anal play can be:

A slow and intensely satisfying probe into your innermost erotic parts, using breath work to open you up and expand you beyond imagining…

A solid pounding with my hard strap-on cock. I might spit-roast you and have you suck me off before or after I fuck you. Or both.

A gentle butt exploration, where stillness is valued as potent as movement. Sensual strokes and some spanks to loosen you up, followed by the softest touch to your outer anus, and stillness, allowing you to bring your whole attention into the sensation rippling outwards from this most sacred part of you.


The result = ecstasy, pleasure, surrender.


In all anal experiences, I follow one simple rule that condenses all the professional training and lived experience I have in anal play:


“Your arsehole speaks, and I listen”.


I offer my services with a few different costumes, depending on which ‘feel’ you’re after: skimpy, hot lingerie; simple, sexy dress; or full body, crotch zipped PVC cat-suit (sorry, no pics of this available yet).

Whichever is your choice, you will find me open, kind, sexy, playful and grounded.