GFE – By the Hour


Our time can be short and snappy, or something more languid with space for deeper exploration and intimacy. Either way, I am there 100% for you.

I welcome you to express your desires, it makes for a much cleaner time when we can be clear from the outset what we want. I do understand that it can be hard to ask for what you want, and I have some super games we can play to help unravel those secrets.

GFE – Minds Meet / Dinner Date and Sexy Times


Oh, this is where it gets super juicy – prepare for a sapiosexual explosion!

I’d love to keep you company for dinner or at an engaging event where we can chat and make merry, building suspense and longing through mutually stimulating conversation. Let me dazzle you with my quick wit and spark. I’m smart, well versed and have an eclectic cache of life experience. Charge up for an explosive, intimate session when we return home.

Variations to time frames by negotiation, let me know what you have in mind.

Anal Play


Anal play is my one of my favourite things. I love leading you / following you on an adventure deep inside your body.

This kind of play can take many forms, as seasoned players will know.

Let me describe some of these for the curious out there. Anal play can be:

A slow and intensely satisfying probe into your innermost erotic parts, using breath work to open you up and expand you beyond imagining…

A solid pounding with my hard strap-on cock. I might spit-roast you and have you suck me off before or after I fuck you. Or both.

A gentle butt exploration, where stillness is valued as potent as movement. Sensual strokes and some spanks to loosen you up, followed by the softest touch to your outer anus, and stillness, allowing you to bring your whole attention into the sensation rippling outwards from this most sacred part of you.

In all anal experiences, I follow one simple rule that condenses all the professional training and lived experience I have in anal play:


“Your arsehole speaks, and I listen”.


Naked Counselling


Have you tried counselling or sex therapy but found it hard to connect? Or does the idea of seeing a professional, in the more traditional context, make you feel inadequate, or broken?

Would you find it easier to open up with someone who you are more intimate with?

I have found physical closeness with an intimate, caring person to be one of the safest places to express my feelings.

With me as your guide and companion we can uncover and work through deeply held beliefs about yourself and your body. I can help you reconnect with your body, and foster a love and understanding of yourself that may have absent since childhood.

Sessions usually begin with an undressing ritual, and a body scan – which is like a meditation where you are guided to drop deeply into your body in the present moment.

From there we might focus on exercises and techniques that are designed to overcome something specific, including:

ejaculation choice, premature ejculation, erectile dysfunction, body image issues, porn addiction, asking for what you want, learning to receive…

Or else we can talk and connect with closeness; maybe cuddled on the couch, or let me spoon you while we chat.

I combine training in somatic counselling, sexological bodywork and somatic sex education, to create a space where you feel really heard, and where can you relearn to listen to your true self.

Sensation Adventure


There are more ways to touch than using just the hands. We can play with together, exchanging sensation play, or let me blindfold and / or restrain you and take you on an adventure.

Some of my favourite sensation items include:

Neon wand (easy electric play),

Pin wheel (soft or hard – intensity increases over time),

Hot/cold packs / ice cubes (pre- and post- other play),

Floggers, feathers, fur, canes, straps (soft / hard, short or sustained play),

Oil, hot wax, liquids (dripped / massaged / licked),

Fabrics (draped or scratched across the skin),

Kitchen implements with a myriad of textures (lots of options!!)

Foot Fetish / Worship

I only discovered my love for my feet a few years ago. Until then it was a brave and foolish person who approached my feet, as I’d kick like a mule:

They are sooo sensitive!

Now that I have discovered – I just can’t get enough.

I will wriggle and squirm, groan with ecstacy and pleasure, and giggle with delight as you lick, chew and adore my beautiful feet.

Please do be aware that I am not your classic Mistress. I am not trained to carry out trampling and I will not attempt to. I do not enjoy humiliation play of any kind.

I am your equal – I delight in your delight, you delight in mine.

What Else?

I welcome you to make suggestions for how you’d like to spend our time together.

Erotic Massage (1.5h)

Taoist erotic massage awakens and enlivens the whole body. It does not exclude the genitals, and neither is it focussed only on the genitals. It treats the whole body as erotic and sensual and capable of pleasure sending erotic energy shooting off to all corners of the body.

I encourage your active participation in this massage, by using movement, breath and sound to enhance your pleasure and experience, and I can demonstrate how breath cultivates and circulates erotic energy.

If a more passive experience is what you’re comfortable with just now, and I’m happy to oblige, giving the odd gentle nudge and reminder to move and breath where I feel you would benefit most.

A truly invigorating and incredible experience!


Erotic Massage Tuition (2h)

Would you like to give the most mind blowing massage your partner has ever had? I can teach you, step-by-step. This really is the ultimate gift you can give. You can practice on me, or else you can bring your partner too where I will act more as a guide than a participant.