Naked Counselling

Hve you tried counselling or sex therapy but found it hard to connect? Or does the idea of seeing a professional, in the more traditional context, make you feel inadequate, or broken?

Would you find it easier to open up with someone who you are more intimate with?

I’ve found physical closeness with a close, caring person to be one of the safest places to express my feelings.

With me as your guide and companion we can uncover and work through deeply held beliefs about yourself and your body. I can help you reconnect with your body, and foster a love and understanding of yourself that may have absent since childhood.

Sessions usually begin with an undressing ritual, and a body scan – which is like a meditation where you are guided to drop deeply into your body in the present moment.

From there we might focus on exercises and techniques that are designed to overcome something specific, including:

ejaculation choice, premature ejculation, erectile dysfunction, body image issues, porn addiction, asking for what you want, learning to receive…

Or else we can talk and connect with closeness; maybe cuddled on the couch, or let me spoon you while we chat.

I combine training in somatic counselling, sexological bodywork and somatic sex education, to create a space where you feel really heard, and where can you relearn to listen to your true self.