What else?

I welcome you to make suggestions for how you’d like to spend our time together.

Erotic Massage (1.5h)

Taoist erotic massage awakens and enlivens the whole body. It does not exclude the genitals, and neither is it focussed only on the genitals. It treats the whole body as erotic and sensual and capable of pleasure sending erotic energy shooting off to all corners of the body.

I encourage your active participation in this massage, by using movement, breath and sound to enhance your pleasure and experience, and I can demonstrate how breath cultivates and circulates erotic energy.

If a more passive experience is what you’re comfortable with just now, and I’m happy to oblige, giving the odd gentle nudge and reminder to move and breath where I feel you would benefit most.

A truly invigorating and incredible experience!

Erotic Massage Tuition (2h)

Would you like to give the most mind blowing massage your partner has ever had? I can teach you, step-by-step. This really is the ultimate gift you can give. You can practice on me, or else you can bring your partner too where I will act more as a guide than a participant.